FOR SALE! - $30
This one was a fun experiment based on a pattern by Kim Lapsley Crochets. What does one do with a crochet toilet, you ask? Use it for a baby doll potty, a companion for your full-size toilet, a bowl for office supplies, or just as a conversation starter - the possibilities are endless! 

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July 14
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First commission- Mama and baby hedgies! Mama hedgehog ($15) Baby hedgehog ($10). I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best…so I went overboard.

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July 12

First commission! Mama and baby #hedgehogs #crochet #commissions

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July 11
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Commissions are open! Here’s what you need to know!

    Scroll through my posted photos for price information on specific items. Prices are listed for the items shown and provide a ballpark estimate for items of a similar size/material/amount of detail.
    Unless otherwise…

About to start work on this beauty! Love it! Pattern from:


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July 03
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Making BANK :P #allthemoney #garagesale

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July 03
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I drew a duck for a thing that will i will post details about later. 

The duck’s pose owes more than a little bit to this great book:


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July 01


no image has ever described my life quite so well

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July 01
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Here are some photos of my work! Scroll through for price estimates. Due to copyright issues, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to fulfill your request, but feel free to send me patterns that you’d like me to use! Any questions, please message me for more details.

I just started taking commissions over the summer, thanks to some encouragement from Sawebee! I also sell handmade jewelry, so be sure to check it out! Even if you can’t commission, reblog if you like what you see and help me on my quest to grow my summer funds!



I just forgot how to function for a second

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July 01
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